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The outbreak of COVID-19, also known as novel coronavirus, is impacting almost all industries and sectors worldwide, and also for interior industry. Here are the ways we forecast our homes changing in a post-pandemic world.

Minimalist Design

Minimalist interior design is very similar to modern interior design and involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. It's characterised by simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with colour used as an accent. People will be looking for clutter-free spaces that are easy to keep clean and to sterilise. Minimalist spaces, with clear work surfaces are considered more hygienic, as are white walls and bright, clinical spaces.

Healthier Home

The need for cleaning and good hygiene has been taken to heart when it comes to homes. Interest has surged in naturally and engineered antimicrobial materials as well as the advantages of low-maintenance materials and surfaces.

Copper, the first metallic antimicrobial agent recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency, and its alloys like brass and bronze are growing in popularity when it comes to sinks, faucets, cabinet hardware and doorknobs. The same is true for the naturally antimicrobial cork, which can be used in flooring. Many common household surfaces also can include antimicrobial additives like Microban; these include countertops, backsplashes, appliances, flooring, paints, fabrics and plastics.

Work from Home Spaces

Working from home, even if it’s only now and then, is becoming more commonplace thanks to the internet and growing communication technology. But being able to access the web isn’t the “end all be all” of working out of your house. You need a space that promotes productivity, but still doesn’t interfere with the life of your family members. Not necessarily a dedicated home office, but clever joinery design that hides a desk within a run of cabinetry, or simply a small-scale desk in a window on which to work on a laptop will certainly boom more prominent.

Focus on Natural Light & more outside space

People will definitely re-evaluate their need for outdoor space following Covid-19, But whether your budget stretches to manicured lawns, or simply an apartment with a balcony just big enough for a bistro set, we can all agree outside space is key. Another consideration will be to look to designing homes that offer a flood of natural light throughout the day, with glazed extensions and roof lights becoming even more popular than they were pre-lockdown.


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Rajkiran Pawar
Rajkiran Pawar
May 29, 2021

Very Nicely Written..👍👍

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