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Faham Hookah Lounge, Andheri

The best hookah bars are a great destination not only for shisha smokers, but also for anyone looking to relax in a laid back environment, hear some good music and escape the typical sports bar or club scenes.


Faham Hookah Lounge is an outdoor and indoor hookah lounge located at prime location of western suburbs of Mumbai. The lounge offers a pleasant outdoor view of street junctions and mangroves which we integrated in our lounge theme.



The outdoor area is played with different colours and textures, the roof is designed with wooden rafters and cloth interlock through all the members. The seating provision has low height tables finished in Moroccan tiles top and the blue coloured tall sofa chairs creates visual barrier and gives privacy. The wall cladding is made of designer wall paper, golden ms screen, mirror cladding and coloured acrylic in different shapes which represent hookah pots.


The family section offers luxurious experiences where family can enjoy their privacy. The two sided walls play a major role to provide a distinct experience in the family room where we have used custom made wall paper and rear wall with hexagonal mirror panelling. The ceiling is painted in grey colour and strategically we have placed a chandelier with multi coloured fabric hanging from ceiling. The entire room offers a feeling of night safari dining.


Hence, the idea of a shisha lounge has become a popular form of social gathering and as a designer we have worked towards “Bringing a new hookah concept to life”.

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