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The best color is the one that makes you HAPPY! Bright and happy colors spread vibes of ecstasy all around. They accentuate our celebrations and merge into our moods. Colors respond to emotions and moods intuitively. They lend a new perspective to our lives.


We introduced several colors to bring in good vibes and boost home’s energy. We have combined the 1BHK flat by removing the common wall and transformed it into a 3BHK home. 


The wonderful mix of different styles, colours, textures and materials create an uplifting and unconventional interior. We used warm colors in the living dining area and colorful handmade portugal tiles in the common wash area, all these elements exude excitement and enthusiasm.


Designing a bedroom for ageing parents requires special attention to color schemes. Colors can also significantly impact moods, and choosing the right scheme can go a long way in keeping your parents comfortable and happy in their space so we introduced light shades, the light coloured floor, white furniture and brick wallpaper on one wall. 


Warm colors, colors that wrap us in comfort as we settle into bed at the end of a long day, are a favourite for the bedroom. We used a warm colour material palette with wooden finish tiles and veneer on furniture in the master bedroom.


Vibrant and lively kids bedroom design, The style of the room would eventually depend upon your kids’ gender, personality and space in the house too. There are those who would love to have their rooms full of color, accessorized, modern or minimally designed, understanding all these we used grey colour on different textures grey Duco, grey back painted glass, grey curtains and to break the monotony we have added yellow coloured side tables.


This color vibes residence takes you through various colour shades and their characters through various interior objects. It brings optimism and positivism to your home. It puts you in a creative and collaborative mood. This décor is the energy you crave. All you feel are good vibes

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