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Restaurant in Chennai

The cozy restaurant that serves purely vegetarian dishes is the perfect spot to get your south Indian food & multi cuisine fix in an equally charming setting. The restaurant with 2700sq.ft area includes fine dine, traditional thali section & Banquet hall.


The fine dine is defined with proper zoning space, luxury of eating. Central sofa seating section are for family and chair section on the side walls. The material palette is very soothing with an orange tone in the overall restaurant with circular lights on table. Shades of grey used in monochromatic pattern on above door walls & ceiling.


Traditional thali section is designed based on easy and quick meals for tourists. we have divided flooring into two parts one with geometrical print and one with plain texture and we have placed tables on big linear walls based on the site proportion and to add depth into the space we have proposed a traditional south indian temple image on one wall with adding few more south indian cultural elements.


We kept banquet at the rear side, so it will have advantage of separate backside entrance. Material palette used is very simple & maintenance free, we introduced light colored flooring and minimum wall cladding. And also we used coffered ceiling and focused lights on walls which hold up the entire space.     


The place is a charming ode to all things South Indian and fun. It’s earthy, chirpy, and refreshing with a refreshing new theme.

Fact File

Location: Dwarka Restaurant, Chennai

Details of the space (area in sq ft): 2700sq.ft.

Seating Capacity:  90 people

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