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Cricket Themed Restaurant Design, Kurla

After our successful delivery of Yoko Sizzlers vashi, this was our second project for Yoko brand for different franchise owner who were really passionate about cricket and desire to have a cricket theme restaurant, so the project brief was very clear to us.

Originally the restaurant was designed based on the initial theme and turning this into a cricket theme restaurant in limited budget and resources was really challenging & also the biggest challenge was to reuse existing restaurant material in our new design concept.

Our first and foremost decision was to give the maximum view of the restaurant from outside so we initiated removal of façade black tinted glass.

If you will glimpse the internal design scheme which is majorly played with big custom printed wallpaper on both sides of the restaurant which provide liveness of cricket match with the wall highlighting the indirect lights from top and bottom. The rear wall highlighted in white brick wall with iconic cricketer’s caricature frames. 


The material palette used is also based on the theme, green turfed on the façade wall and cricket practice net with bails tucked inside. Furniture refurbished as per theme using cricketing materials. The red season balls used for hanging lights all over the restaurant. Also cricket enthusiasts can find bats, balls, helmets, jerseys, neckties, used and signed by the legends of the sport. 

All accessories used for the project are originally handpicked by the Designer Harshad Kesarkar, HK Design Studio.


The Restaurant is entirely based on Cricket Theme and the cricket lovers will get bowled with fantastic food and the surroundings.

"It's a lovely place to enjoy cricket along with delicious food. It’s cosy and casual".


Fact File

Location: Yoko Sizzlers, Phoenix mall

Details of the space (area in sq ft): 950sq.ft. Dining space + 450sqft Kitchen  

Seating Capacity: 58 people

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