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Simple modernity, clean and minimalist is just a few of the defining features of a lovely residence located in Borivali, Mumbai.               


Desai’s residence is a calm minimal 2BHK creatively ornated by HK Design Studio. The residence with a modern twist has a balance between aesthetics and functionality achieved hand-in-hand with giving a minimalistic character to space.


Neutral color tones with a hint of modern style welcome you to the uncluttered living room. One is the use of a subtle pearl color scheme for the walls and ceiling. Another, on the opposite, is the use of vivid color, textures and materials to furnish this space. All the elements selected by the designer come together to create a calm and welcoming interior.


The son’s bedroom is a bold and dramatic sanctuary. Grey tone headboard is beautifully layered with ashberry color on the backdrop wall which brings in a sense of royalty and elegance. The study area creates a multifunctional view of the room by making a statement with slogan art.


Mom’s bedroom in tranquil pink headboard and furniture in light coffee with rose gold elements impart an elegant look. Blushing rose on the highlighted wall with leaf print - light coffee curtains add a soft touch of nature to the home.


The kitchen uses a clean design theme with a combination of a neutral color palette and fluted glass, to play on open and closed visual illusions.

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