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Color plays a huuuuuge role in how you feel about your space, but also how you feel IN your space. If you want a home that brings you joy, take some time to discover which colors keep you crushing for a long-time. The client’s brief for this home gave us freedom to explore various possibilities.


The Living Area’s aesthetic adheres to its minimalistic theme with enchanting voids within the furniture pieces. If you don't love playing with tons of patterns and bold hues but appreciate experimental pieces and tasteful pops of color, take notes on this living room. Rather than opting for all black and whites, The walls remains neutral, while the anchor pieces—like sofa and table, throws, art piece offer just a splash of color. The dining features a customized, glass table top with sleek wooden chairs, and a bright textured feature wall that frames a camel family. Also the entrance shoe cabinet is designed in such a way which is both functional and stylish.



The frosted kitchen glass door is used to maintain both elegance and privacy in their kitchen. The glass is not entirely opaque, adding visual drama to the area. Choosing tile designs that will bring something into an otherwise pretty neutral room is really easy because you don't have an already existing colour scheme to work with. We have used something colourful and bold in the pantry above, which just add a touch of interest.  

The Kid’s Room strikes the fine balance between fun, playfulness, and a space that kids can grow into. We design creative ways to maximize space while incorporating unique storage options to best meet the room's needs in terms of flow and function. It was a well-thought-out endeavor, as the built-in features make this sleeping layout all the better.  

The Master Bedroom with lilac accent wall looks striking, unexpected, and oh-so-unique! Shades of Lilac are soothing on the eyes and therapeutic for the soul. Also we combined with other shades, art, and accessories as it stimulate creativity and encourage positive thinking.

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