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This apartment in Mumbai is quiet white and glam gold unite to spell subtle luxury. The clients with deeply fond with white and gold, and wanted to incorporate the shades in a bold, impactful manner.  The design intent was to adapt our creative sensibility to the client’s needs and align it with the spaces. The clients were open to exploration with a varied range of aesthetics, our goal was to create the perfect symphony for them.


Neutral The overall scheme of colours and textures. A balance of maximalism and minimalism. The easiest way to achieve simple yet layered look is to balance various elements. A detailed foregrounds needs a neutral background and vice versa. This family home is no less than clean & classy.


The materials and design elements come together to become the backdrop to everyday life, one that is defined by the aspirations of the very people who live here. The golden elements with mirror and paint brings a sense of elegance to the living area. Master bedroom, narrating stories of calmness and tranquillity. Little creativity and some thoughtful design, we created a space that kids will love spending time in. Created a playful paradise in daughter’s bedroom with multi-colour laminates.

The client brief blended well with designer’s vision, making the interiors clean and classy.

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