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UpGrad franchise store 


UpGrad is India’s largest online higher education company. Founded in early 2015, upGrad provides online programs in the areas of Data Science, Technology, Management and Law to college students, working professionals and enterprises.


The objective was to take the online learning revolution in India to a much wider customer base through authorised business associates. The upGrad team approached us to design a model for franchised stores across india.

Designing the retail experience means breaking down the entire customer journey into the smallest possible components, and then “reengineering each component to look, feel and, most importantly, operate differently than before,” according to Stephens.

700 sqft facade.jpeg

We proposed a franchise store model design simple where the brand is able to make authentic connections to students and nurture it. We kept the storefront maximum open with a clear glass partition, which gives maximum exposure with brand logo signboard which is highlighted with self-lit provision.


As per the clients guidelines the franchise store is segregated into three areas. In the first area we introduced a red sofa at the entrance to create a waiting lounge more comfortable for students where they can experience the offerings through the I land counter display. We also kept an interactive kiosk which presents information in a visually pleasing and digestible format to increase their engagement and helps them make decisions.


Second area is the area were the store representative can provide personalised service to the students, so we proposed L shaped tables on both sides with low height partition for segregation 


Third area is the area where we proposed two cabins at the end of the store, Owner’s cabin to have control over the store and another cabin for the dry pantry, and in the centre area we have a cashier desk.


The material palette used grey colour tiles on floor, light wood furniture, maximum clear glass on partition, and bright colours for loose furniture and also exposed ceiling with surface/track lighting provision. The white colour walls and rear wall with upGrad logo to enhance brand visibility and create recall value. .


Creating the best possible retail experience means going beyond design.

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