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Rustic Design Is Warm & Inviting

This project was bagged through reference. The brief of the project was very clear to have rustic design with warm filling and restaurant zoning should offer more options in terms of seating space.


HK Design Studio endeavors to create an atmosphere that's comfortable and inviting. Rustic and Classic design by opting for refined finishes and subtle color that overlay rustic wood and steel.


The restaurant is spread across 2000 sqft in rectangular proportion. Which has segregated space in three zones rear sofa section, central circular tables and couple seat (two seater) touching wall. The design scheme which we had followed is as per the above three areas with different finishes.

The material palette used was moroccan & pattern tiles on floor, the pattern tiles is placed around central circular table seating and above central seating ceiling was suspended MS black powder coated pipe tied with coloured ropes. Walls primarily used gypsum different textures and at the entrance walls open brick work. Every furniture and detail were customized for the restaurant.



All accessories used for the project all are originally handpicked by the Designer Harshad Kesarkar, HK Design Studio.


Thus, the design evolved around a rustic and classic feel.

Fact File

Location: Yoko Sizzlers, Vashi

Details of the space (area in sq ft): 2000sq.ft.

Seating Capacity:  80 people

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