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Home temple or mandir or prayer room are an integral part of Indian homes. It bring peace and tranquilly into our homes and lives. And let’s not forget how it brings a vibe of peace and remind us of our humble roots. But they are often neglected when it comes to the decor of the house. Here we have list some of the important things to be considered before creating a home temple.

1. Availability of Space

Availability of space is always biggest concern while designing a home temple. The typical challenge of space is faced by small apartments when it comes to pooja unit designing. Wall-mounted home temple design is the good option in these homes to make them look spacious. If your space in the room permits, you can even choose an entire room as your home temple.

2. Praying Habits

Another important factor that will define your experience. Every individual have different praying habits. Do you pray every day for a specific amount of time with your family in attendance? The answer to this will allow you to decide how much space you need, and how often, and where you will be comfortable standing or sitting during prayer.

3. Lighting

The presentation of lights and their arrangement has some stories to tell. Lighting your prayer space needs to not only give it the wow factor, but at the same time create a soothing ambience that allows you to focus your energies into communing with God. The lighting should be warm and layered to create a pleasant feeling inside the temple.


Undoubtedly, pooja rooms and vastu shastra go hand-in-hand. It should be able to create a positive energy so you can get into a meditative state. According to Vastu Shastra, temples harness a boundless energy by simple means of design and direction.

5. Storage Space

Considering storage space while creating home temple plays an important role. Proper storage space is essential for keeping the pooja materials and other utensils.



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