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Minimalist design allows a homeowner to pare down the decorating of the home to create a simple, clean and orderly interior that delivers a great amount of style and class! When designing a space to reflect your love of minimalist style, it is important to keep a few main pieces of advice by Harshad Kesarkar, Interior Designer top of mind.

1. Your home doesn’t have to Look Empty

A common misconception about minimalism is that everything must be bare from the wall to all horizontal surfaces, meaning no decorative pieces anywhere, this is false. The balance between elegance and comfort is very important, what you want to achieve is find those certain elements that go with the room vibe having meaning to you, also avoid this piece becoming a hindrance both visually or functionally.

2. Adding too many Accessories

Keep things simple because adding too many accessories can devalue from the central pieces of your décor that are meant to receive the most attention. In addition, having too many accessories takes away from the stress-free feel of minimalist design and can end up giving your room a cluttered look.

3. Using Unmatched Metal Finishes

When it comes to the bathroom using matched metal finishes is key. I always make sure shower fittings are in the same finish as sink fittings

4. Forgetting to Add Depth

"Most people think minimalist and pick pieces that are flat with no texture, which leads to the space feeling dull and uninteresting," Instead, incorporate different textures and fabrics wherever possible.

5. Not everything is cactus and bamboo

Minimalists tend to prefer certain plants because their maintenance is easier but if you have green thumbs then you are blessed and can experiment with many beautiful plants or flowers.

6. Fabrics are important but choose the right ones

Use fabrics to give warmth to a room and are a nice trick to add some color and change the design of the room without a major budget.



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