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When it comes to designing, small spaces are probably the ones that cause people the most issues and they do require more thought than bigger rooms. Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out of a tiny room, these small space design ideas will help you to live large.

Window Seat

Create warmth and natural light space and/or beautiful garden or city views by creating window sitting areas. Make any room in your abode instantly more inviting with a window seat. It is a great way to create a new place to plop down while taking advantage of a gorgeous view or natural light.

Sliding Pocket Doors

Pocket sliding doors make the most of tight spaces by disappearing into the wall. Pocket doors with glass windows allow for shared light to flow throughout the space while also creating separation and taking up much less space than swinging doors.

Day Bed

If you live in a smaller home and have limited space, a daybed doubles as a seating area and a bed with no effort required to change from one to the other. It also leaves space underneath for you to hide items you want to store out of view of your guests.

Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardening is a special kind of urban gardening suitable for tiny spaces, particularly for decorating the walls and roofs in various styles. Green walls are not only spectacularly beautiful, but also helpful in enlivening the ambiance. Green walls can absorb heated gas in the air, lower both indoor and outdoor temperature, providing a healthier indoor air quality as well as a more beautiful space.

Use Mirrors

Add mirrors. In fact, it’s probably the one thing you should splurge on when decorating a small area.

Tiny Tables

A table that's smaller than usual provides a fine platform for glasses, books and a glass of water without overwhelming the room.

Hanging Wall Shelves

Hanging wall shelves are the key to having a neat and organized house. They give a sleeker and cleaner look to a room.



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