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Earthy Palette

A Soothing, Earthy color scheme for a 2.5 Bedroom Home. Earthy palette is all about finding roots where client was clear about his requirements.


For some of us, the word "neutral" may be synonymous with "boring," but it doesn't have to be this way. Warm, earth-toned colors make any space feel inviting and homey, as opting for a nature-inspired paint color can bring instant coziness to a room.


We had combined the 1BHK flat by removing internal wall and transformed into 2.5BHK Home. Picking a neutral, earthy paint color, brick, and rough walls can be overwhelming. That being said, you can’t go wrong with a white paint that has gray undertones and also to maintain the same feel in the entire house we have kept the same flooring and wooden texture on furniture.



If you’re gravitating toward earthy paint colors, but struggling to match the décor, opt for textures that are found in nature, like you see here with the blinds, and bed frame. The exposed brick portion of the wall plays nicely against the stark white, and to give the room a more natural feel, we added rough plaster, Bed frame in MS Black powder coated, with the use of veneer and laminate to maintain some wood accents throughout. Warm wooden accents create a nice contrast, or brighten it up with chrome accents for a more modern take.


 “Earthy Palette often feel quite relaxed, making them a great choice for family rooms, living rooms and kitchens,” says Harshad Kesarkar, Interior Designer.

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